Sodexo Inc. Supervisor - Food in Phoenix, Arizona

Description/Job Summary

Job Overview:

The Supervisor - Food may work in any type of food location on client premises. This individual provides oversight at the direction of management on site to coordinate routine work activities of workers and/or service employees engaged in food operations or services at either larger complex facilities or locations in the areas of commercial, health care, schools, universities or other establishments. This individual will provide support to management in the daily oversight of key functions and employees during the normal course of business. The general responsibilities of the position include those listed below, but Sodexo may identify other responsibilities of the position. These responsibilities may differ among accounts, depending on business necessities and client requirements.

/General Responsibilities:/

  • Understands and follows all policies and procedures.

  • Assists in ensuring a safe working environment throughout the facility for all employees.

  • Assists in monitoring employee productivity and provides suggestions for increased service or productivity.

  • Responsible for the oversight of day-to-day activities of subordinates and assigns responsibility for specific work or functional activities as directed by on-site management.

  • Responsible for orientation and training of employees.

  • Performs day-to-day assignments in addition to oversight duties.

  • Works with customers to ensure satisfaction in such areas as quality, service and problem resolution.

  • Promote in the development of the food service team.

  • Attends all allergy and foodborne illness in-service training.

  • Complies with all Sodexo HACCP policies and procedures.

  • Reports all accidents and injuries in a timely manner.

  • Complies with all company safety and risk management policies and procedures.

  • Participates in regular safety meetings, safety training and hazard assessments.

  • Attends training programs (classroom and virtual) as designated.

  • May perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

  • Job Qualifications:*


High School diploma, GED or equivalent experience.


  • Must be able to coordinate the routine responsibilities of staff and resources.

  • Presents self in a highly professional manner to others and understands that honesty and ethics are essential.

  • Ability to maintain a positive attitude.

  • Ability to communicate with co-workers and other departments with professionalism and respect.

  • Maintains a professional relationship with all coworkers, vendor representatives, supervisors, managers, customers and client representatives.

  • Ability to provide clear directions and respond accordingly to employees.

  • Ability to use a computer.

  • /License/Qualifications/*

Certifications: None.

General Qualifications:

  • Willingness to be open to learning and growing.

  • Maturity of judgment and behavior.

  • Maintains high standards for work areas and appearance.

  • Maintains a positive attitude.

  • Ability to work a flexible schedule.

  • Must comply with any dress code requirements.

  • Must be able to work nights, weekends and some holidays.

  • Attends work and shows up for scheduled shift on time with satisfactory regularity.

/Physical Requirements:/

  • Close vision, distance vision, peripheral vision, depth perception and the ability to adjust focus, with or without corrective lenses.

  • Significant walking or other means of mobility.

  • Ability to work in a standing position for long periods of time (up to 8 hours).

  • Ability to reach, bend, stoop, push and/or pull, and frequently lift up to 35 pounds and occasionally lift/move 40 pounds.

/Working Conditions (may add additional conditions specific to defined work location):/

  • Generally in an indoor setting; however, may supervise outside activities and events.

  • Varying schedule to include evenings, holidays, weekends, and extended hours as business dictates.

  • While performing the duties of this job, the employee is primarily in a controlled, temperate environment; however, may be exposed to heat/cold during support of outside activities.

  • The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate to loud.

  • Details*


  1. Maintain confidentiality of proprietary materials and information, including maintaining compliance with all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)/Privacy Act regulations.

  2. Handle formulas using techniques which adhere to all sanitary regulations and standards established by the hospital, including HACCP and patient safety policies.

  3. Mixes liquid and powder formulas in accordance with prescribed physician orders; includes additives as needed.

  4. Follow aseptic technique during formula handling.

  5. Assist Registered Nurse and/or Registered Dietitian by preparing formulas for patients with special dietary needs; delivers all prepared formulas to floors.

  6. Daily, checks orders, prepares recipes; contacts appropriate nursing personnel to verify and/or clarify information.

  7. Maintains inventory levels of unit ready-to-feed formula to provide for efficient and ready availability to meet patient nutrition needs.

  8. Stocks formula room with inventory items from central supply area; places orders for stock items in accordance with established inventory standards.

  9. Store infant formula properly until delivery to patient units.

  10. Ensure correct labeling of feeding bottles.

  11. Collect, clean and prepare all items of feeding for sterilization.

  12. Ensure that all utensils and supplies which come in direct contact with the infant formula have been successfully cleaned and sterilized.

  13. Clean and sanitize utensils, equipment and the Formula Room units according to established procedures.

  14. Performs a variety of activities to provide for the ongoing maintenance of all equipment, supplies and formula room environment.

  15. Participates in a variety of in-service programs, meetings, conferences and daily care rounds to maintain understanding of care plan changes, issues and expectations.

  16. Physical Tasks: stand, sit, or walk for an extended period of time or for an entire work shift.

  17. Adapts to changes and contributes to department productivity.

  18. Create department s monthly schedule.

  19. Provide feedback for employee evaluations.

  20. Train formula room technicians.

  21. Perform additional duties as assigned.



  • Equivalent to an Associate's or Bachelor's degree with major course work or degree related to the core functions of this position is preferred.

  • Food Handler Certification from an organization or source that satisfies Maricopa County food handler certification requirements.

  • At least 6 months previous experience in a lead capacity for food preparation or patient care area preferred.

  • Two to three years of equivalent customer service related experience preferred.

  • Two to three years of equivalent supervisory/managerial related experience preferred.

  • Ability to read, comprehend and write basic English required.

  • Intermediate math skills required to ensure proper measurements of formula.

  • Strong analytical, planning and organizational skills and time management ability.

  • Experience in a Windows environment using Microsoft Office including database management.


  • Follow proper food handling procedures.

  • Report work related accidents, or other injuries immediately upon occurrence to manager/supervisor.

  • Follow company and department safety, security, and loss prevention policies and procedures to ensure a clean, safe, and secure environment.

  • Use proper equipment, wear appropriate personal protective clothing (PPE), and employ correct lifting procedures, as necessary, to avoid injury.

  • Follow all compliance programs (e.g., safety and fire, hazardous materials and waste program, emergency management program, utility management program, medical equipment management program, infection and control).

  • Identify and correct unsafe work procedures or conditions and/or report them to management and security/safety personnel.

Policies and Procedures

  • Follow all federal, state, and local regulations, as well as Sodexo/client policies and procedures (e.g., Quality Assurance, Safety, Operations, Human Resources).

  • Ensure uniform/dress code and personal appearance are clean, hygienic, professional and in compliance with company policies and procedures.

  • Protect the privacy and security of customers and coworkers.

  • Protect company tools, equipment, machines, or other assets in accordance with company policies and procedures.


  • Communicate with customers with a professional and polite demeanor.

  • Talk with and listen to other employees to effectively exchange information using clear, appropriate and professional language.

  • Provide assistance to coworkers, ensuring that they understand their tasks.

Working with Others

  • Support all coworkers and treat them with dignity and respect.

  • Handle sensitive issues with employees and/or customers with tact, respect, diplomacy, and confidentiality.

  • Actively listen to and consider the concerns of other employees, responding appropriately and effectively.

  • Develop and maintain positive and productive working relationships with other employees.

  • Partner with and assist others to promote an environment of teamwork and achieve common goals.

Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement

  • Comply with quality assurance expectations and standards.

  • Monitor the performance of others to ensure adherence to quality expectations and standards.

  • Work with customer to ensure satisfaction in such areas as quality, service, and problem resolution.


  • Clean and maintain property and premises, ensuring all cleanliness standards are met.

General Food Services

  • Follows all Sodexo safety requirements within assigned area of responsibility, as well as all local, state, and federal regulations.

  • Date, label, and rotate all items according to company standards.

  • Document any and all customer and employee incidents/accidents for management follow up.

  • Report any employee, customer, and/or vendor incidents and accidents to management and Security at the time of the incident and/or accident.

  • Ensure that coolers are set at the correct temperatures and labeled, and record equipment and food temperatures on HACCP chart.

  • Maintain cleanliness of work areas and serving areas throughout the day, practicing clean-as-you-go procedures.

Leading Others

  • Ensure staff is working together as a team to ensure optimum service to customers.